Three new characters have been added to "Dragon Ball Fighter Z," with two of these characters being longtime ones, and the other one is new.

Yamcha and Tien Shinhan, who are both martial arts experts have been added to the roster as playable characters. The other character is a creation of Dr. Gero -- Android 21.

This new android will be housed in the story mode of the game, joining Android 18 as one of the few female cyborgs of "Dragon Ball."

Android 21 features

Android 21 is said to be very intelligent, with skills that rival even Dr. Gero. For now, she doesn't have any fighting statistics, but being an Android, she is very promising.

Apart from being linked to Android 16, there is nothing else that we know about her.


It is not yet confirmed if she will be one of the playable characters in "Dragon Ball Fighter Z" or if she will merely be part of the story, but, according to Event Hubs, she will be a central figure in the game.

The new android was received positively by the fans of the anime especially because of her looks. She has a curly auburn hair that falls to her mid-back and she sports a geeky looking glasses. She wears a retro-styled dress paired with tights. To complete her girly look, she is also wearing a pair of circular earrings.

One thing that proves the popularity of Android 21 is the numerous versions of artists who made drawings of her. Some Twitter users are even calling her a "bae" and that she could surpass Android 18.


Here are some artworks of Android 21:


CoreCyan_X said that he couldn't help himself to draw this chic new Android. Look at her eyes and her auburn hair!


This bust doddle of Android 21 looks really lovely.


She is indeed beautiful even in a doodle!


We would all agree that she indeed looks great even with a white coat.


This is a sexier version with a bigger bust!


Another stunning drawing from Emirio110 showing a fierce looking Android 21.


Possibly, this is how she looks like without her glasses. Super sexy!


This one is a quick fanart of the new character that everyone is talking about.


Aside from this artwork, DBPotara also did clothes swap drawing of Android 18 and 21.


Now, this looks really sexy! One of the best versions, I would say.


This one is a naughty version of Android 21. I wonder what Kim Kardashian will say about this. Lol.


I guess we are all happy that there is another female fighter in "Dragon Ball."


Now this one is indeed sexy! What a beautiful cyborg!


Who could resist drawing that pretty face?


She is a beauty even in black and white.


A work in progress that already looks beautiful.

Can you tell me which of the above artworks of this new "Dragon Ball Fighter Z" character do you love the most?