The new reality of global political order received a dramatic shock in response to the news that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ascended to the United States' highest elected office. Stock Markets around the world fell within minutes of the announcement that Trump had been elected and global economic forecasts are now mired in new levels of uncertainty.

Volatility in markets is being mirrored around the world with the United States Dollar, the global reserve currency, sharply declining to levels not seen since the September 11th, 2001. Jim Rogers, a prominent United States economist has even predicted an eventual $68 Billion stock market crash in 2017 which would dramatically impact global markets leading to the potential for a new global depression of unprecedented depth and complexity.

Stock Markets struggle in new landscape of political uncertainty

In the United Kingdom alone,£32 Billion has been shaved off the top 100 most profitable firms. The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised investors of stress in markets that signal a similar correction to the 2008 recession which so dramatically affected global markets, currencies, and opportunity.

The price of gold has risen 5% in contrast to declines in the value of Oil which dropped 2.43% resulting in prices of $44..92. Taken together these effects suggest a global landscape of uncertainty and the possibility that the world is much less assured place today than it was yesterday, prior to the United States presidential election.

The fall in global currencies most sharply impacted the Mexican Peso which has been traded at 20.70 against the U.S.

Dollar a shift that equals an 11% decline from the previous day of trading. United States stock futures fell 4% and this was echoed in Asian markets where the Nikkei Index also dropped 5%.

No one can predict the future but many who watch Stock Markets are concerned

Around the world, panic, uncertainty and doubt color the business landscape renewing concern about the future trajectory of global prosperity.

The world is a different place today and for many global markets, it looks to be a less profitable and potentially more challenging one.

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