Many people only know Google as a search engine but that’s because a vast majority of internet users are not thattech-savvy. The company is commonly known for products such asGmail, Google Docs, Drive, Google+ or simply Image Search. However the company is far beyond that. It boasts over a billion activeSearchusers and also has many products, tools and services on its wing. Google has continuously unveiled new trends in theTechindustry. Many other companies have tried to emulate them but reaching the pace at which Google has been launching new products appearsunfeasibleto many rival companies.

Just recently Google unveiled several new products like the Chromecast Ultra, a virtual reality headset and two new phones.

Android-basedmobile devices are used world-wide by a vast majority of mobile users. Android, which is Google’sLinux-basedOperating System is the OS used on many Mobile Devices nowadays, with the latest version being Android version 6. The OS support actions like swiping, tapping and pinching that enables one to manipulate certain screen objects including a virtual keyboard meant for text input.

Some of Google’s products include:

Android wear

The term Android wear refers to Google’sAndroidOS that is designed forsmart-watchesand many other wearables. They have features such as a calendar, weather notification, and certain pertinent app notifications. One can view their notifications on the smart-watches and even reply to text through speech as it supports voice recognition.

Chromecast Ultra

This is Google’s contentstreamingdevice that supports 4K streaming through yourWi-Finetwork. It’s plugged into your TVsHDMIport and streams content from your mobile devices or computer. It provides fast and reliable performance with very minimal buffering of audio or video.

Google router

This new Wi-Fi system by Google really does improve your wireless home networkconnectivityby far. It is a system of access points placed around the house which eliminates alldeadpoints anywhere in your house. It provides fast and reliable connectivity to every device or room in your home network.

The router’s features include a built-in NetworkAssistTechnology that ensures your network speed and security.

Google Home

This device is aspeakeractivated by speech and powered by GoogleAssistant. You can give it instructions on the task you want it to carry out or even ask it questions. A voice request can trigger Google Home into playing podcasts, music, or even radio from Google Play Music, Pandora, TuneInor even YouTube Music. It’s activated simply by uttering the words, “OK Google...”

Google Fit

Google Fit is basically aplatformfor tracking one’s health and it’s based on the Android OS. It usessensorsattached to your activity tracker or phone in order to record your physical fitness activities, such as walking or cycling.

These are then measured against the goals that you have set for yourself and a detailedviewabout your fitness levels is provided.

Android TV

This is a smart TV platform that was developed by Google. It provides aninteractiveTV experience and it is either built-in onto the TV set or it can operate as a stand-alonedigitalmedia player. The users can access Google Play Store and download apps, media streaming services like Netflixand Hulu and even games. One can search for content or answers through speech. Google has many products which most of its users don’t know about. For example recently they launched thePixelSmartphones, which will definitely compete withiPhonefor market share. They have an Artificial Intelligence Assistant as a built –in feature, as well as 4K video streaming.

They will certainly revolutionize the industry of mobile devices.

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