All around the world, cyber security experts are in high demand. The landscape of need is acceleratingso fast many industry experts such as Kelly Jackson Higgins of Dark Reading are reporting that as many as one million jobs in the cyber security industry remain unfilled due to shortages in human capital. Firms that are able to secure top cyber security talent are stronger and have a much better chance of sustaining long-term gains. In essence, firms that are able to secure their data are in a position of profound competitive advantage over others who focus their investment on other areas.

Protect your investment, secure your networks at all cost

Verizonis reporting that within the next five years as many as 25 percent of the total global population will be victimized due to cyber crime. They additionally suggest that as many as 89 percent of all attacks have a finance espionage-related motive. They believe that up to 9 percent of data breaches occur within a matter of minutes. In short, investing in cyber security may have emerged as one of the most important necessitiesfacing firms of any size operating today. It is worth noting that "ransomware", a malicious program placed on a secured network which locks users out unless they pay, has risen to a 75 Billion dollar industry in 2016. Those who have not been attacked are fortunate but it is essential for all businesses to make efforts towards modernization and security unless they wish to expose themselves to catastrophic dangers.

Juniper reports that up to 90 percent of consumers are unwilling to trust a firm after a single negative digital experience.

The risk of avoiding cyber threat is quite simply too vast not to be directing immense amounts of energy and capital towards securing top cyber security talent and supporting partnerships with academic institutions which will help to train the next generation of digital security experts.

The numbers of individuals connected to devices is only projected to rise in future years. With more users, there is more data, more financial transactions and more opportunity for firms that can establish legitimacy in the evolving digital marketplace.

Cyber Security and innovation are linked

This comes at a time when cyber threats have erupted as a potently devastating element of the International Business landscape.

Just last month, U.S. firm Yahoo reported the largest ever personal data breach ever recorded. In that attack, 500 Million user's identity information was compromised. The United States government has additionally confirmed that cyber threats against it's networks have risen 1300 percent in the period between 2006 and 2015.

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