If you are anything like me, you have a million ideas and want to sell them all! While I initially signed up for Zazzle as an alternative to my Etsyshop, I have found these sites are quite different than traditional online boutiques. Sites such as Zazzle, Society6, and Redbubble are all similar in the sense that the seller receives a royalty of what is sold, and they allow users to print their artwork on a variety of products. Hand crafted pieces, photography, and designers love to create on these platforms while affiliates enjoy the marketing side. It's a great place for people who are experimenting with their art on different merchandise.

Now, I'll be honest, it took several months for me to figure out how to make my first sale on Zazzle. I had put effort into creating a variety of whimsical designs, and posted them on so many things, yet my first sale seemed so far away!

This was surprising considering my Etsy shop had gained fast momentum within several weeks. Due to Zazzle's ability to put prints on a variety of goods, competition was fierce.

Tip #1: Zazzle is all about self-promotion

The average user takes about three months to make their first sale. That is probably because it takes about three months to learn how to self-promote. In order to have your shopstand out from the crowd, reach out to social media networks! Twitter, Facebook Pages, Pinterest, & Tumblr are great places to start sharing visual artwork.

Luckily, Zazzle has a direct "share button" to all of these sites as well as HTML & CSS codes, so you can put them on your own blog!

Tip #2: Use Forums

Make yourself known among the forums. This is how I made my first sale. Just go to the itemthat corresponds with the forum theme, and select the share>link button and paste the second code.

This is a great area to promote Zazzlestores and get tips on selling!

Tip #3: Avoid Quick Create

Quick Create was the coolest thing when I first began Zazzle. It was like, wow, finally I can see my prints on anything I want in the click of a button. Anything! But, after going overboard on Quick Create, I started to find misplacements of prints, and merchandise that just didn't make sense with my designs.

Long story short, I ended up deleting half of my shop! While this tool serves as a great basis for providing volume in your Zazzle shop, it is dangerous when it comes to tasteful decisions. My best advice is to edit your products if you're going to use this tool, or don't use it all.

Tip #4: Your image

Initially, I used a logo as my profile picture. However, there was a pick up of traffic after switching to a photo of myself. A logo can often feel distant like a big corporation. Adding a human element to your store can make it feel more personable especially since you're the one creating everything!

Tip #5: Be patient

It's easy to give up on a site especially when you have experienced success in the past.

Just remember, learning anything new takes time, and Zazzle is no different.

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