Planning an Event cannot only be stressful but time consuming. There is much more involved in the event process than creating a Facebook page and registering guests. Coho Events, an Austin-based company, understands how important details are and does all of the heavy lifting for their clients. Using logistics and personalized solutions, Coho Events is revolutionizing the event hosting and management business.

Coho is for co-hosting

Coho Events emphasizes the importance of integrating hosts with their guests and sponsors, something other websites like Eventbrite and TicketHub overlook. They offer task-management tools, invitations emails, sponsor packages, ticketing and post-event analyses for every event.

They even have a developer working with algorithms to make the event process as easy as possible while incorporating various marketing elements. Most importantly, they use a cross pollination of host and co-hosting in order to bring vendors and sponsors to the event.

After working for a non-profit, Coho Events’ co-found Jacques Perreault realized how valuable events were to an organization’s success. “Being involved with a non-profit, I saw the true value of putting on events to raise awareness and funds, and how it increased the value of our brand,” Perreault said in a recent interview. “However, it was increasingly difficult to find ways to tap into and leverage our team's various networks around Austin, and I realized we needed a better strategy.”

This is why the Coho Events’ co-hosting element and unique software are major contributions to the event management business.

Their modern approach utilizes the best new technologies to improve the overall experience for everyone involved in the event process.

Giving back

Coho Events isn’t just interested in algorithms or market and networking strategies. Perreault and his team’s experience working for non-profits encouraged them to seek solutions that will maximize outreach and awareness for important issues.

Coho is working with charitable organizations like The Front Porch, E4 Youth, and the Born and Raised Detroit Foundation to create a ripple effect of good. For their next event, Coho is currently seeking to sell out the ATX Music Finale Kick-Off event in Austin, and donate $1,000 to an organization called MUSIC & MEMORY that improves memory function for dementia patients using personalized music selection.

Coho Event’s is taking all the right steps to ensure its business is a success and their clients are a priority by utilizing their technologyeffectively and tapping into the vast social networking environment Austin has to offer, before they expand their services nationally.

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