With the proliferation of unlicensed short-term rentals occurring globally, a rising start-up called BNB Shield is working to ensure that unlawful rentals are promptly removed from third-party platforms like AirBnB, Craigslist, and VacationRentals.com.Short-term rental platforms have become an instant sensation with tourists looking for easy and cheap accommodation for their next vacation. While short-term rentals are a popular alternative to hotels for tourists, renters may be unaware of the particularly unlawful options available, which are having a negative impact on the local economy and its residents.

BNB Shield founder, Jacques Casimir along with co-founders Isaiah Tornero and Jordan French, saw an increasing trend in the short-term rental market in Austin, and were instantly interested in how they could get involved to help regulate and protect other businesses and members of the community. Using a unique technology, BNB Shield is able to help track and remove rentals that aren’t playing by the rules.

Mapping overlay technology

In a recent interview from start-up accelerator Capital Factory, Casimir explained that, “BNB Shield technology uses a software that pulls information from the platform sites and sends out a probability list of where the unlawful rentals will be located. We then have people double check by looking at the space, accurately identify it, and then we present it to the company for removal.”

While it may seem that this could be bad business for the short-term rental providers, Casimir claims that this actually helps their overall business.

Describing the market as an “ecosystem” Casimir stated, “If we work in conjunction with [short-term rental companies] we will be able to regulate and keep things clean, leading to less problems for them and everyone else involved.”

Maintaining the housing ecosystem

A housing crisishas started to accumulate in cities such as San Francisco, Portland, and Austin due to short-term rentals, and it is clear why regulations are in place.

Affordable homes, apartments, and condos are disappearing as renters buy up all the property for the sole purpose of making a profit off of eager tourists. This restricts the market supply and increases the price of homes. As Casimir pointed out there is a “housing ecosystem," and when that ecosystem is disrupted, everyone suffers.

Most importantly, BNB Shieldis most interested in providing a service that is useful for everyone. A service that will level the playing field and make sure everyone is abiding by the same rules. BNB Shield continues to expand their presence nationally as they increase their portfolio of apartment complexes, condominiums, and homes under management.

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