Today, with the advent of modern technology like the Internet, companies are looking for online staff along with office based employees. You can earn a handsome income and can be successful through online jobs by working from home, if you have your own computer, good internet connection, basic skills and the right can-do attitude.

Freelance writers & bloggers

Writers create content, formulate news articles and provide creative ideas and thus, fill pages of a site or magazine available online. Freelance writing jobs and blogging has turned out to be a full-fledged industry. There are many websites that offer online jobs.

They use in-house writers to outsource their web content pages and therefore, they hire content creators and freelance writers. Writing and blogging has got great potential for writers who can build a good relationship with their audience, earn money through it and eventually build it as a business.

Virtual assistants

There are many businesses that are operating mostly online, so, it is no wonder that they need virtual assistants in order to keep their work organized and maintain administrative tasks. Virtual assistants are basically independent contractors who work from remote areas, usually from their homes. Through online jobs, they support and help clients from multiple industries and provide them with creative, technical, and administrative services.

Web developers

The demand for a web developer is quite high as there are many organizations and companies that need web developers to promote their work through websites. So, you can work from home for this job and develop your Career.

Social media managers

Almost all huge and renowned businesses have got online social media managers as the social media bandwagon is a great way to reach out and keep in touch directly with their customers without spending heavy expenses for television, radio and print media ads.

That is why companies and businesses hire social media managers to manage their accounts, drive high quality traffic, boost, lead and sell their online reputation.

Data entry jobs

This is another work from home and online job. These include, plain data entry or typing job, form filling, captcha entry jobs, medical transcription, video to text conversion and correction and re-formatting.

Whichever suits your skills, you can do it.


Working online or working from home has become a dream job for many, and we should be thankful to modern technology for making this dream come true. However, if you are really interested in online work, then you need to do some research to find out possibilities as well as develop skills that are necessary for online jobs. If you have the right skills, you can move your freelance career forward by working online.

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