New range of 'Barbie'

The toy maker of 'Barbie Dolls' Mattel's has posted 24% higher sales than the corresponding period last year. The company spokesperson has said that surge in sales come from good distribution channel and a new range of curvy 'Barbie Dolls'. The Discounted retailer 'Target' also contributed to the sales success of iconic toymaker. The new line features along the side of original 'Barbie Dolls' and new range features tall, curvy and petite models. The new line of dolls come in 22 eye colors, 24 hair styles, and seven skin colors. 'Target' stores has launched a new campaign in March this year to sell 'Barbie' aggressively in its flagship stores.

'Barbie Dolls' seen wearing a mini version of Target's latest line of swimsuits.

Mattel's executive told acorrespondent that, " we are pleased with the new range of our products in stores now and sales results". The new range of 'Barbie' shows enthusiasm among consumers and retailers are showing interest in keeping dolls at avisible place more than ever before.

Compay Results.

Iconic toymaker Mattel's came out with strong financial results for the second quarter. Shares were ended 1.4% higher at $32.83 on Wednesday showing investor confidence. Although thecompany has posted lesser than expected losses for the corresponding second quarter but experts feel to hold on to the stock. Total revenue reported were $957.3 million better than market expectation of $936.6 million.

Mattel's CEO Christopher Sinclair stated that "We are encouraged by our results in the second quarter, which reflects good ongoing progress in our turnaround". He also added that "Importantly, We continue to see improved brand momentum across much of our portfolio and our slate of entertainment licenses is strong and building".

Statisticsof Mattel Inc.

Mattel Inc. manufactures, designs and market 'Barbie Dolls' product range as well as other toy products worldwide. The company operates via three different segments namely North America, International, and American Girl. Market research believes in keeping stock of Mattel Inc.

for alonger duration of time for best returns instead of selling it right away.

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