Fedexplans to structurally tap the potential of Australian logistics market. Till now FedEx only handled international shipping for Australia ‘My FedEx delivery’ and which is very small operation FedEx handles compare to other international markets for the company. Complaints about Australian post has gone up substantially in recent few years. The main issues for complaints are delivery timings and loss of documents and parcels.

Unique Terminology.

FedEx works on the unique terminology of informing customers well in advance about their parcels or documents coming to them. The company has developed software to inform customers and customers are provided an option to change their delivery time, date and address.

Review of customers about FedEx is excellent. One of the customers says that “It’s good to receive a message or call in advance about gifts or parcels coming your way. If you are not available at a particular time then they have the option to reschedule your parcel time and date. They are very well in time and concerned about your belongings.”

FedEx makes three delivery attempts whereas Australian post only leaves a slip for non-delivery of items. The company also has a money back guarantee and it enjoys all round market monopoly. FedEx also want to start evening delivery soon to tap working professional’s need.

Advantages for the company.

FedEx has partnered with Australian Post for e-commerce delivery.

Many people want low-cost delivery options and this makes sense for the company as well as the customer. But FedEx still tracks the parcel until it gets delivered.FedEx connects with 21 cities in Asia through its 12 connecting flights every week. The company has the upper hand in handling cargo as all flights connect through Australia.

All cargo planes from the USA to Asia connect at Australian airports which make Australia hub for cargo handling facilitates and huge potential for business. A new service by the company started last year to deliver the product at a first attempt and It has successfully completed a trial run of one year.

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