This startup company has revolutionized the way that men are thinking about clothing. In order to look good, men have to spend an inordinate amount of money and time on expensive tailored suits.Combatant Gentlemen has given men an opportunity to buy much cheaperclothing in a fraction of the time.


The company was founded in 2012 by Vishaal and Mohit Melwani, who were inspired by their friends working on Wall Street. Their friends would swap suits and ties constantly, as most were unable to afford a full wardrobe of suits from Men’s Wearhouse that could be wornevery single day.

Out of this experience, the idea for Combatant Gentlemen was born.

The company’s business

Combatant Gentlemen was designed as a one stop shop online retailer that sells suits, tuxedos, and button down shirts for a far cheaper price than its competitors. Wall Street finance guys looking for cheaper suits can find them priced between just $140 and $220. Those low prices aremade possible by the vertical integration implemented by the company.The company owns its own sheep, its own cotton fields, and every single other part of the production process.

By cutting out all the middle men, Combatant Gentlemen is able topasscost savings on to consumers who demand cheaper suits without the hassle of going to a Men’s Warehouse.

How it works:

Consumers can visit the company website or utilize the app to purchase clothing. Once there, customers have the ability to input their size measurements to determine the perfect fitted suit. An algorithm then gives a suggestion for acorrectly sized suit, eliminating the hassle that comes from shopping at a Men’s Warehouse and spending time getting measured at the store.

After that, customers can peruse the website and find an affordable suit that looks great on the company website. Once ordered, the suits take between 3 and 5 business days to arrive.

Target customers:

A typical consumer who purchases clothing fromCombatant Gentlemen is a young man in his mid 20s who is on a budget. This young worker needs to look good without breaking the bank on expensive and fancy suits.

The target customer also doesn't want to spend time at a Men's Warehouse looking for a couple perfect suits. Instead, the customer wants the suit delivered to him without the hassle of getting measured at a store. The company's strategy has worked well and is exemplified in its success.


The company knew it was on the right path when it sold out of 3000 white shirts in just one month. After just two years of business, the company reached profitability in the spring of 2014. The company’s revenue has also grown substantially, from $673,000 in 2012, to 4.4 million in 2013, to 10.1 million by the end of 2015.

The company is looking to reach a level of more than 20 million in revenue by the end of 2016. The company’s growth is also reflected in its brand, which has already been embraced by major financial companies like Goldman Sachs and Deloitte.

Combatant Gentlemen is a company that hashas handled its growth well and is growing its brand very effectively. Thecompany's brilliant leadersshouldallow the company to flourish and stick around for a very long time as customers flock to their website to easily buy quality menswear at affordable prices.

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