The Current Job Market

In the most recent jobs reports, a mere 50,000 jobs were created last month. This is much lower than the number that was expected. Even though we are several years from the recession, the job market is still struggling to thrive. A lot of college graduates and young people are having trouble landing a job. A poor job market has negative implications for the economy for many years to come. With the election this year, many of the candidates for President are trying to engage with workers who are struggling in the current economy.

College Degrees Are Losing Value

One of the biggest reasons that graduates are having trouble landing jobs is that college degrees are losing value. Over the past decade, more people than ever before have graduated from college. There are a lot of people graduating from school with record amounts of student loan debt. This problem compounds when graduates cannot land a job in their field. Trying to pay several hundred dollars per month on a student loan is difficult with inconsistent income coming in.

Can Bernie Sanders Fix the System?

Bernie Sanders wants to turn the current economic system on its heads. He believes that the system is rigged for those people who make the most money. In his opinion, this is the opposite of what should happen. He has proposed that college shouldbe free to everyone who lives in the United States. Although there would be a significant cost associated with this initiative, there are still plenty of people who support his ideas. Unfortunately, there is a lot more at play right now than just the current economic system. The technology increases of the past few years have wrecked havoc on low-skill workers.

Final Thoughts.

The current economic system is not encouraging for future growth. A lot of people are struggling to feed their families and save for the future. Bernie Sanders has proposed a lot of radical ideas for the current economy. Many college graduates cannot find jobs in their field, and to make matter worse a lot of these graduates have record levels of student loan debt to pay back. This is not a problem that will be solved soon.

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