Is there anything better than a brand new Book and a fresh glass of wine? Major booksellerBarnes & Noble is going to find out.

With reported lower sales both in total and at established locations in the most recent quarter, Barnes & Noble looks as though it's starting the downward spiral we watched take down Borders. On the flip side, B&N stocks rose 8%. Pretty impressive seeing as most of the market tanked in the aftermath of Brexit (the referendum in which the UK voted to leave the European Union).

So what are the higher-ups planning to do?

It was announced thatBarnes & Noble will open four new concept stores that will have an extended menu, which will include beer and wine. The first of these stores is set to open in October in Eastchester, New York, with the other three to follow in Loudoun, Virginia; Folsom, California; and Edina, Minnesota. It looks like a road trip might be in some readers' future.

The company appears to be quite committed to their new concept stores, promoting chief operating officer Jamie Carey to the role of president of development and restaurant group.

Carey’s new role will be to oversee the entire new bookstore concept. They’ve also managed to sink their claws into Michael Ladd, a former long-time Sears executive who will now act as Barnes & Noble’s new vice president of stores. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

At the moment, the bookstores offer sandwiches, pastries, Starbucks coffee along withall of their other goodies, as well as free Wi-Fi (thank God) andshares that are up more than 30%.

Let’s see if this new plan with an extended menu and some booze - turning the bookstores into something more akin to a library with a bar (dream come true to a lot of people) – will keep the trend heading in the right direction.

There's a quote that nobody actually seems to know where it came from, "write drunk, edit sober." Well,with these four new stores – and let's be honest, hopefully many others, maybe we can start reading drunk and reviewing sober.

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