Facebook has been making many changes over the past few weeks. It seems that they have been doing a lot of Spring cleaning and your fan pages could be the one that gets swept out the door. Are you ready to pay even more to promote your products and services.

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Page VerificationRequirements

It seems like verification of pages is the logical way to go when it comes to knowing the origins of a page and who is behind it. I agree with that premise as you do not always know the intent or the ethics of the person behind a lot of the fan pages that exist today.

But, verification is not the issue here, it is how it can be verified that is the problem.

In an attempt to verify my own page (which has a different name than my company name), I needed to have a verification code. This code could be sent to me via my phone number. Sounded easy enough, however, that is when the difficulty began! My number is a cell phone - no dice, it is not a listed number and it could not be "found" in normal ways. I then tried my land line which is an IP phone. No dice there either! So no way to verify through my phone numbers. Sigh...

Business Documentation Verification

Ok so now I need to verify my page through my business documents (incorporation papers and so on). No dice there either as my page is named differently from my company name!

Back to square one. Now, what do I need to do? I guess I will be spending copious amounts of time on the phone with a real person behind the scenes! So far all I get is you are in the queue and will have to wait for a call back in the next couple of days.Time will tell if this will ever work!

Marketing Issues are Imminent

it seems that marketers will now be held to task! No more promoting other businesses, no more affiliate program pushes, no more advertising of any kind on your page! Can you believe it? It comes down to just one thing PAID ADVERTISING is the only other option. Why would you want to build a fan page with tons of likes if you cannot advertise your services (for free)?

Well, there are other options and one way is to play the advertising game. If you cannot have sponsored content, then advertising is the only way to go. I have other ideas that will work as well - go to my facebook page and message me for details.

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