As I was walking down the commercial section of my hometown street, I thought it would be a good idea to go for breakfast. I looked around and found a childhood favorite location and it brought up dreams of those incredible foods I absolutely loved as a child. Here I was many years later craving a lot of what I had as a kid.

I entered the restaurant and looked through the menu, yum....bacon, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with cheese and toast on the side. It was a huge breakfast for me as today was not a day I had a run or bike ride planned, but what the heck, let's go for it!

The First Bite

The hashbrowns looked absolutely perfect!

They were crispy and well cooked. The eggs were plentiful and were coated with copious amounts of cheese and even the bacon was cooked to my liking withthe right crispiness! It looked like a heavenly mix for sure. Then it was time to take that first bite. I put my fork into the hashbrowns and found they needed some salt and pepper but they were just as good as I had remembered.

Next, I wanted to dive into the bacon. Who does not love a good feed of bacon? The first bite came, at first, the flavor seemed good and then the over salted curing came into play. I almost spit it out. Hmm...I guess I will leave that on the plate. Then the eggs and cheese, same reaction, and another item to leave on the plate.

Finally, on to the brown toast and jam. It was even worse! What a disappointment! In my childhood, these all seemed so delicious, what the heck happened?

Changing Tastes

After that breakfast experience, I began to do some research on how our tastes change. We change our lifestyle choices (or develop our own style), we change our transportation tastes, and our taste buds also change.

After eating natural, whole grain, hormone free, range free, and homemade foods, the food served for a younger populous suddenly is the worst tasting stuff.

Physically our taste for foods does actually change. We no longer like baby foods all mushed up, or some of the packaged cereals we ate in our youth.

Our taste buds decrease in number as we age and the remaining taste buds do shrink. So no wonder we have difficulty with some foods. Distinguishing between the tastes may also diminish, but what the heck, I still love to try new foods!

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