Readership continues to decline in traditional and print media. The number of daily newspapers has gone from more than 1,800 per 100 million people in 1945 to less than 400 now.

In face, a study showed Facebookto be the main source of political news for millennials and Gen X’rs over local and national television stations such as CNN and Fox News.

So, how can we get more readers?

Sharing is Caring

Be sure to share you content on social media.

How? Make it easy. If you can use share buttons, that’s the biggest thing to do.

Write content that is shareable - the two dynamics that social media platforms have found to be the most shareable are entertaining and positive.

That’s not to say that negative news don’t attract attention and reads. But these often lack the viral nature of what is more shareable.

Where should you share your articles?

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the top social media sites to post your content. But don’t ignore the #2 search engine in the world - YouTube.

Video Killed Radio.. Is Print Media Next?

While many believe that making videos is difficult, it can be as simple as creating a slideshow with some eye-catching images with voiceover and music.

“Because people’s attention is so short these days, it’s better to create shorter videos that link to the main articles if people want to read more,” says the team at Bush Pilot Marketing. “We have proprietary methods that make it simple and much lower cost than you can imagine.”

Beyond these is the importance of engagement.

Whereas traditional media was build on the broadcast model, today’s readers thrive on interacting with writers and publishers. Audiences want editors that are responsive.

That’s how interactivity works for media today.

Fail to Plan? Plan to Fail

Without a plan, you're likely to struggle. Having a business plan for reaching more readers doesn't require a twenty something page document.

Instead,make it an actionable road map for questions like: Why are you writing? Why should your readers care? What are their hopes and struggles? And what does your writing do for them?

The more clear that you are on your why.. the easier the how will be as Simon Sinek points out.

When your writing is about your readers, it will attract more readers who connect with your "why."

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