Marketing is truly a game. Some play it well, some don't, and some even waste time and money trying to cheat. (Scroll down for more details).

What Game Are You Playing

The best game to play is one that follows the rules but that does not mean you cannot be creative in the way you present your information from a marketing perspective.

Where are you with your marketing? Are you buying cheap traffic, are you paying people to write your blog articles? Do you have a virtual assistant to do all the building of fans and followers for you?

White Hat

In comes the dilemma of what to do. Do you build your marketing campaign around organic means or do you need to buy boosters?

Quite often organic is slow and laborious and boosters give you a faster form of feedback.

Here is where you really need to be careful. Organic is always best but does not serve the need to sell products and services in the immediate future. Organic works well when you have spent your time in the past working on building a fan base. A good book by Harvey Mackay was called "Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty". Although the book is old, it is well worth the read.

Gray Hat

Most marketers will play in the gray hat arena. They will buy traffic, gather email addresses, and even rent lists in order to move ahead. Although most of this is legitimate, you can often get caught in spam schemes.

The bet choice is to test any purchases on a dummy site long before you spend the big dollars on any source.

Sources such as Fiverr etc. will have a combination of flighty traffic (less than 1 second on your site) to more than 10 seconds with some vendors. You have to decide on which vendor does the job for you and does it well.

There are other choices under this hat such as finding already viral content and posting it to your social media platform with an intermediate link that gives a popup with your offer before the person has a chance to read the article.

Some vendors in this space are reputable and some are not. Ask me which ones are worth the expense in the comments below.

Black Hat

Ideas under this hat often lead to trouble in the long run. You will play a game of "Hide and Seek" with the legality of what you are trying to accomplish. Here is where the spammers lurk for sure.

Avoid anything that is too good to be true, because it generally is and you will spend money where you did not need to.

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