Journalism is changing to a more social side. Everyone wants to report on happenings as they see them. Newspapers are no longer what they used to be. The news, although sometimes read in print form, has been pushed online. (Scroll down on becoming your own media giant) The content has moved from professional writers to a level where anyone can do the writing.

Media and the Writer

Will everything print soon disappear and writers no longer needed or paid enough to make a living?

The publication industry is surely taking a hit. Large papers still exist and they still pay writers but how long will this last?

Will journalism suffer in a way that is detrimental to society as a whole? Writing quality will certainly be an issue unless there are systems in place.

Change and The Future of Journalism

News online is supported by ads but do they have enough readers to support the empire they once were? Few media sources are holding on to the past way of doing business. We read and see the information before it can be produced by anything that goes into print. So why do they keep going? Should there not be a shift to online stories?

Paid Subscriptions or Ad Supported News

The dilemma over subscriptions (print versions) and online access membership is always going to be a struggle. Social news sites such as BlastingNews are taking over the social news space and leaving the traditional papers behind.

Only those social news sites that take the time to make sure quality is part of their reporting will survive. No one wants to read someone's opinion unless they are an expert in their field.

Paying Writers

As long a the media gets paid to display ads or use infomercials to their list of subscribers, there will be the ability to pay writers.

It really depends on the business model when it comes to sharing the revenue with those that seek out and write the news.

So far media giants have been making slow transitions into the new world of content. People will not pay to read what journalists have to say but they will endure a few ads to get to the content.

Anyone Can Be a Media Giant

The key here is to write compelling stories about current events. Even tips and tricks are fair game to this information-hungry society. Bring them what they want and not what you are told to write will win over any audience. Start your own news site or join one, the choice is yours. News will always be in the forefront. Will media companies change with how content is delivered and survive into the future?

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