Today, April 28th, 2016, it is estimated that 40 million people will take part in this year’s event including the White House. No doubt Malia and Sasha have experienced this first hand over the past seven years. Our nation’s leaders are reminding parents of the importance of encouraging our youth. In a White House quote, President Obamaand First Lady Michelle Obama on “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, we are reminded of the part we play – as parents, guardians, and role models – in inspiring coming generations to build a more innovative and inclusive future.” The President has also called out to employers to include children from struggling communities who may not have a workplace to visit.

Getting our youth excited

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work is geared toward children aged 8 -18, and it aims to help our youth to envision not only their work career future, it also wants kids to get excited about what home life will be like as adults. Growing up in this century is no easy task with economic challenges and the ever changing world of social media. This event may help to bridge the knowledge gap between what kids learn in school and what they actually need to know to be a success in the workplace. Many local and large businesses put a lot of effort in to preparing fun and informative schedules for the kids and parents involved.Some create goodie bags, activities, and even training materials that are not only fun for the kids, they help promote their business.

This year’s event theme

The theme this year is called Sparking Aha! Moments” where participants in today’s event are encouraged to post photos and videos that talk about how they have been inspired to seek out their career goals. This year the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work website offers a curriculum that centers around these “Sparking Aha! Moments” and made it available to businesses, families, schools, and organizations.

Here is to hoping that the hastag #SparkingAhaMoments will trend at number one today.

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