The best way to get attention is to post something every day on Facebook and every hour on Twitter or 5 times a day on Pinterest. But who has the time to take care of all those tweets and posts? (Scroll down to see how easy the process truly is).

What to Post

Posting something clever and keeping on top of it on a daily basis will soon become a chore. Most business people find a way to automate the process but you still need to add the content to be automated.

Here is what works for posting to Facebook/Twitter

  1. Find quotes and create a graphic around the quote.
  2. Get great images to use as the background, ones that get attention. You can find free graphics from a number of locations such as Pexels or Pixabay.
  3. Find trivia that fits in with your audience preferences.
  4. Get the latest trends each week and post other stories based on those trends.
  5. Repost interesting items from your fans.
  6. Asking for Likes and Follows with fascinating questions

Tools to Make the Process Easy

There are many tools available to schedule your posts but there is only one that gives all the content you need without creating your own.

PostPlanner provides you with rated content in many arenas such as graphic quotes, the latest trends (you can specify your hashtag to get the latest in your genre), plus items to help boost your "likes" and follows.

PostPlanner has a free version for you to use as a starter. This is where most people start until they see the power of the application. For a small annual fee, you can add many pages and twitter profiles to the mix.

As for Pinterest, you can add the graphics offered to 'Pinterest on the fly.

PostPlanner also has a new recycle content tool for all your evergreen content that was released just this week.

Start with a Plan

PostPlanner has a feature where you set up your own posting plan.

This means you get to choose the type of content, the format it takes, and when you want items to go out. You do this for each profile you add to the mix. POWERFUL for sure! There are other schedulers on the market you can use but I find this one works for me Hands Down!

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