We all criticize others, it is human nature, but when you cross the boundary where you attack the person, the site, and attempt to boost your own expertise. (Scroll down to read more).

Asking Questions

Are you posting questions and driving people to read more about what you are asking? Most writers simply create headlines and point to the entire article for others to make comments on the topic. All of this works well until you get someone who refuses to read the article and starts slamming the blog/article site. Then proceeds to slam all the writing on the site!

The I Am Better Than You Critic

Here is my take on the whole process.

As a writer, you endeavor to get all the facts in order and then offer your opinion with links to the source of the material.

The I Am Better Than You Critic, puts down almost everything to show they are better than others. I am sure you know the people I am talking about! These people come from the negative end of the spectrum and offer very little of value when it comes to adding their opinion to the question. The problem is that that cannot see past their own career.

The Constructive Critic

Now take that same scenario and have people comment on the subject matter. At least this way you expand your knowledge and find new ways to look at the world. For me, a constructive critic is far more valuable and I person I would follow.

The Better Than You critic should be left in the dust.

Comments and Criticisms

The best comments always stimulate conversation. Perhaps bringing up a point or two from another point of view. Here is where your articles can really soar! You just have to find the right groups and people that move in circles that concentrate on helping others.

Who needs The Negative Critic Anyway?

I tend to remove these people from my circles, my groups and I will often leave a group because of the tone they set. Ok don't get me wrong, I love a good critic, I just don't like the ones that slam people and their writing just to look like the expert!

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