With Facebook hitting over 1.3 billion users, they can now write the rules for how you conduct business on their site. The ad revenue they accumulate makes Facebook one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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Marketers Stay Awake

It does not matter what medium you use to market your business, the rules are constantly changing. News in print or online always has to change for maximum profit. Each news type trying to outdo the other news type, after all, the audience wants good news and they do not care how it is presented, The point here is that they do not want to be annoyed by popups and ads (the revenue source for most social media sites).

If you do not own the platform, you truly do not have control!

What Facebook Has Done With Your Timeline

News feeds are the key to most marketers getting to people who like their pages. Unfortunately, your postings do not always land on the timelines of your audience, only a small percentage actually make it to your desired location. You constantly have to view the messages to see what is going on - but that list gets very long for many users!

The answer to the problem is to take advantage of Facebook Ads! Facebook finds ways to force you into buying ads to get your message out.

There is another option if you choose to use it!

Try forming a group. Groups are often the answer to audience interaction. For me, I only allow people that interact with me in my group. As a matter of fact, the group is closed and visible to others - they have to apply to be a member and that fact alone spreads my message a lot further.

Just remember, you cannot beat any algorithm whether it is Facebook or other social media platform. You need to work within the rules and those rules are constantly changing!

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