Social publishing, newspapers online, and a plethora of other media we consume each day is from a large variety of sources until Facebook comes up with a way to change the game.

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What Are Instant Articles?

Basically, they are simply articles that load faster on mobile devices and allow the user to stay within Facebook in order to read the material. You no longer have to click the post and end up at an outside source which takes much longer to load. The idea (Premise) sounds excellent to start, but what about the efforts businesses take to get people to their websites?

Has this gone away?

The Publishers Advantage

Articles will no longer be difficult to load on a mobile device. How perfect this can be! We often lose readers because the load time on mobile is far too long! What else is going on here? Well, publishers do need to sign up and approved, you have to submit 50 articles from your site to get into the review queue. But once that is taken care of, you are able to create instant articles right from WordPress.

Since this is new as of April 12, my experimenting here will take a few days to filter out any issues. Is this a good thing for publishers? IMHO, yes! Why not reach additional readers with timely articles that contain links to more robust discussions?

Engagement here is the key to any article to be published.

The People's Perspective

Nothing was more annoying than a slow load on mobile devices. As a matter of fact, most users attention span does not last as long as the load! You have lost time and lost opportunity (from slow downloads) to get what a user wants at the time they want it.

Will people be happy with staying within Facebook to do their reading? Only time will be able to give us the stats here but my guess is that instant articles will certainly have my attention just because of the fast loading!

Now to see what publishers come on board. Will this increase page likes for publishers at the same time?

I know I would Like a page where the articles are right there and I can get the info quickly!

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Please comment below. Tell us how you would use Instant Articles!

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