Are you tired of reading junk ebooks? I am not talking about the quick novel by writers that are truly great storytellers. (Scroll down for the best way to produce a great book) I am talking about books that are produced just to give you tips on how to do something. Usually, they are full of self-serving links along with minor ideas of what you can do.

These ebooks are taking over the Amazon shelves and are so poorly written with so little information, it gives the writing industry a really bad name. It makes it look like you do not need to use editors, or professionals to make the book a great product.

Get Rid of The Junk

Why are so many people wasting our time with the junk they put out. If you want to write junk, put it on your own website, keep it off the Amazon book train, please!

I do not want to discourage good writers from getting their expertise and storytelling ability available for consumers to read. I just want to see a process where the books being sold are of a quality that would make any bookstore online or off look like they take pride in what they sell.

Steps to Make a Great Book

1. Find out if the market wants to read your book. Test the audience with polls, surveys, and questions. Look at the responses and decide whether the book you want to produce will be one that audience will purchase.

2. Write your outline and share it with a group of readers. Ask for their input and make any changes the audience wants to see.

3. Write your first draft. Review it thoroughly and revise any imperfections you see before sending it to a professional editor for a first draft review. Yes, there is a process for getting editors to work for you.

One edit will not cut it, it is like peeling the layers of an onion, each edit peels a little more until a saleable product is the result.

4. Listen to your editor, take your personal attachment to your writing out of the picture. You are producing a product to sell and the quality is what you are striving for, not your ego!

The better you can do that, the easier the whole process will be. 5. Enjoy the process and know the result will bring a product worth selling.

Sell That Book

Now go back to your audience and presell the book. You will be surprised at how easily you can get books in the hands of readers once they know you have quality material to offer.

Move over crappy ebooks, we now have a winner that uses professional editors and more to get the work done.

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