Can you remember your rite of passage when you were a teenager? I know for most of my generation it was a couple of things: the first car ride without parents and the secret first kiss. Ahhh…..

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Electronic Media (Gaming)

Gaming has been around for a long time and most Zers have been in the mix for years. Often they have learned how to play at a very young age such as two or three years old. The gaming passion just grows from there. Kids love the interaction of the ability to gain points (and sometimes knowledge) while tuning into the latest game they play (and is permitted by their parents).

Messaging and Texting

Although phones are rampant in the schools, most often texting and messaging is to friends in other classrooms. This does not mean they have a rite of passage just because they can text each other, nor does it mean that they have enough disposable income spent on them to have a phone. The ability to text and message is more of a safety issue these days. Parents want to know where the kids are and texting is the simplest way to connect the family. Some phones will even let the parent know the location of their child. Anything here is great (except when it is happening during school lessons).

The First Job

Generations ahead of the Zers thought that getting their first job was the ticket to adulthood.

Not so for this generation. The jobs are one place where they can work and learn about business or gain an understanding of the type of work they want or don't want in the future. Most often these jobs do not entail lending of their ideas, they entail being told what to do and when to do it.

The First Relationship

Even that first kiss or holding hands and knowing they have a boyfriend or girlfriend is not what drives Zers to know they are close to being an adult. After all, everyone in the school has a mate of some sort. It is a matter of switching around from time to time because nothing in the relationship field is static or permanent.

The First Real Email

This may come as a shock to the world but that first genuine, real email with work related information is the real joy. At this conjuncture, a Gen Zer has been welcomed into the Adult world of work and recognition. No other media has the same impact as getting and sending emails that matter. This is the foray into a place where words and ideas are actually being acknowledged.

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