Everyone loves a story. It must be true because we publish information, books, and novels by the thousands every minute of the day. Our lives depend on what we read or view.

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Storytelling and the Human Experience

Before there was language in the written form, humans would create plays, have pictographs of stories, and pass down lore through storytelling. Today is no different, we learn from each other, we tell stories so that information we are passing along sticks. Although the media may change from year to year or month to month, the premise is still the same.

We all love a good story!

The Top 5 Secrets of Data-Driven Stories

Data Based Stories and Viral Content I will bet the word "viral" piques your interest. There is nothing better than creating viral content to push your business or cause. Data provides you with the background information (as long as you sort through the data to find the nuggets). Numbers play a huge part for the "why" some content goes viral. Provide a story about the "increase" in profits using a certain method based on that data will catch the attention of your audience.

  1. The Customer As Hero: Think about what your customer wants to know (from a statistical standpoint (although they will not specifically say so)). Do they want to know your best-sellers, the most purchased camera on the market, or perhaps the highest grossing investment? Only tell stories where you will have a direct impact on their needs, not your own.
  2. Exposing the Pain Points With Data and Stories. You can tap into the most pressing problems, questions, that matter most to your business. Pull the data from a reliable source and go through what you think the pain points may be. Then you can create content based on your findings.
  3. Trend-Based Stories. Dive even further and dig out the trends in your industry. You never know what you will discover. Focus pulling data on the trends in your industry. The tell a story around the trends in a report.
  4. Dig Out Challenges in Your Industry. Data can tell you almost anything, look for the direction the numbers are going. Perhaps a certain product or service is no longer being used.
  5. Look at your data for topics and themes that could lead you in a new direction based on changes that are happening within your customer base. All you need to do here is participate in the change with some great story telling at your side

Data can tell so many stories, it is up to you to find ways to use it creatively.

Data-Driven storytelling is the new wave of content marketing. Are you on board?

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