Every business travel needs to take care of basics before boarding the plane or train. Without these, your travel will be far more complicated than you want it to be.

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Personal Items

1. Small medicine kit. This is where you can pack any medications, headache tablets, Band-Aids (there is always a use for these when you travel), vitamins, cough drops, and other medicinal items. These should go into your carry-on bag and not with your checked luggage.

2. Keep a spare change of clothes in your carry-on bag in case there is a delay on your flight. This way you will be able to change into a fresh pair of underwear and relaxed clothing if the delay is long enough.

You won't want to be wearing the same clothes for days on end.

3. Add mini toothbrush and toothpaste to your kit plus some facial wipes. You never know when you will need them before meeting with your client at the new destination. Take no chances on having bad breath or food stuck in your teeth.

4. Bring your own instant coffee packets and a container for your coffee. Airport coffee shops can be expensive and if you prefer the high-end coffees, you can opt for a Viva coffee packet sold at a popular coffee shop. You should also add a water bottle to your list.

5. Don't forget to bring your own snacks. Make sure what you bring follows the guidelines set out by TSA and you will be ahead of the game.

Trail mix, sandwiches, and fresh fruit are often allowed. Never take chances on not being able to eat because of flight timings.

Travel Papers and More

6. Never leave home without your passport. Even if you are only planning to work domestically, plans can change and having your passport already with you will help any additional travel needs take place.

7. Cell phone and laptop chargers plus all the wires should be on the flight with you. You can also go to an additional expense of having your own chargers to make the process easier.

8. Put your important documents on a flash drive. Computers do not always behave when traveling and having the contracts and other important documents on a flash drive helps.

9. If you are traveling out of the country, make sure you pack electrical conversion plugs. There are many variations of the type of current you will get, depending on the country.

10. Vacuum sealed second business attire in your checked baggage. This is easy to accomplish with a large zip lock style bag and squeezing all the air out. Your suit will come out wrinkle free.

Tourist Items

11. Smartphone with a great camera or if you prefer a digital camera. If you are doing business travel, the smartphone with photo and video capability is all you will need.

12. Maps of the local area. Although maps are often available at hotels, the ones you purchase will be much easier to read. Orient yourself before you leave on the trip.

13. Walking shoes. It seems every business trip I have been on required a great deal of walking and touring, especially if it the first time in the destination. You can combine business shoes and walking shoes together if the fashion is what you want.

14. Use a roll on style bag for both your carry-on and your checked luggage. This way the trip to the kiosk and more will be simpler. Choose lightweight and easy to handle bags. Use swivel type wheels if they are available.

15. Bring a lightweight yet durable umbrella with you. Rain is everywhere, and the weather will always cause trouble, no matter where you go in the world.

The last item is the bring enough change of clothing for the duration of the trip.

Try to think in layers to make it easier. One or two pairs of pants with multiple tops will work best.

Now you are all set, why not give us your opinion on what should be included in our list.

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