It is the never ending battle of the social media platforms. Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Quora, Pinterest or Instagram, and the list goes on. Every day brings a new way to take advantage of any one of these platforms. How can any of us possibly master it all?

The real answer is that we can't. We have to start with one and work through all the foibles and advantages. Once you are able to master one, it is time to add another one to the mix. The problem here is that every platform you choose will eat up time and sometimes money.

Hence, the development of a series of tools to make life easier (or, at least, save some of your valuable time).

Twitter and Periscope

Not too many months ago Periscope came on the scene. Early adopters found ways to film their daily lives and post them to twitter. The videos were short lived and unless you saved them, they died on the vine in a short period of time.

This is when a few savvy marketers entered the arena. They took what existed for Periscope to a whole new level. By saving the video, placing it not only on Twitter but adding the video to YouTube and posting to Facebook made posts come alive.

Now you are able to film a short clip and add it to your marketing mix. This type of video is not usually planned (but it could be). You can use your inner inspirations and share them with your audience (or the3 world).

The possibilities are far greater than what you first think.

Twitter and Blab

Then came another tool called Blab.

When you thought you had Periscope under control, another application came along. The one called Blab. Here you could share your conversation with a bigger audience while broadcasting live.

Although only 4 panelists are permitted at a time, you can pop people in and out of the conversation.

Instead of you capturing your thoughts while you are alone, you can now share your expertise in ways that are just not possible with video alone. It is like having your own TV station. You record the event, post it to YouTube, add the audio to your podcast, and even create posts about your replays.

There is no excuse for not having a few videos for your website or blog. As a matter of fact, you can have a live conversation with your customers and record their testimonials. Is this easy or what?


Where will the ability to connect in so many ways take us next? Twitter still has a long way to go when it comes to working with marketers and keeping the money flowing through their own ad channels.

The key here is to use the tools and find ways they will fit into your marketing plans. Every new tactic should find a way into your strategic plan.

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