The Bookstore Myth It has been in the works for a decade or more, the destruction of the entire bookstore industry. But who is really to blame? Is it the big box stores with their lower prices, sales, and online opportunities or was it simply a matter of the consumer choosing to go elsewhere. The debate continues but, this time, around, it is the big box stores that are in trouble and the small retailer in the industry is being resurrected.

Why the change?

Some books are better as a touch and feel while casual reading is the easiest online. Herein lies the problem.

Some genres are better served as an online version, yet resales of books are dropping and audiences are forced to buy "new" each time.

I am not sure if the secondary market for books is hurting, but I can imagine they are not happy with "e" only books.

The Value of a Secondary Book Market

Believe it nor not, used book sales can actually boost readership. Because people will buy a book to try a new author. They will often then look for more titles by the author if they like what they have read. Hence, there may be a new way to gain print readers.

There are many people employed in the used book industry and it appears there is no end in sight. Even Amazon admits that people still want physical books with the opening of their first bookstore in Seattle. At the time of this article, sales are booming for print and sales for eBooks has somewhat flattened.

Are we going back to just print? I very much doubt it but there is hope for the publishing industry on the horizon. Only time will tell.

Big Box Bookstores in Financial Trouble

Big box stores are failing. Borders closed its doors years ago and now Barnes & Nobel seems to be the last big box bookstore, even then the stores are few are far between.

If left up to the consumer, they would prefer to have a bookstore that is local.

Online and Offline Small Bookstores Are AWinning Bet

This makes Amazon's move into retail a good one as long as they sell more than just books. Adding complementary items such as giftware, cards, stationery, and toys certainly will help drive consumers in the door and part with their dollars.

Return of the Forgotten Book Merchant

The truth is that small stores do not stock as many books but they are pushing towards specialization, which turns into a better selection for genres. Big Box Stores can't stock a big selection anymore with shelf space at a premium and many publishers are balking at the fees.

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