There are so many platforms for Social Media that it is almost impossible for the small business owner, solopreneur, author, or artist to keep up with all that needs to be done. (Scroll down to see the steps you need to take).

The Best Social Media Platform

Which platform should you be using? Well, that truly depends on your audience. If you are writing a Romance Novel, then perhaps Pinterest would be ideal. The Pinterest audience is primarily female (but that is also changing). The people here do fall into the audience category for Romance Novel Readers.

Change the genre or the subject to Consulting and Business Writing and you have a new platform to deal with.

Here you would likely hit LinkedIn. The audience for LinkedIn tends to be in Business to Business, a totally different arena from Pinterest.

You only want to go where you can fall in love with the platform you have chosen. And that means, "Being on top of the heap when it comes to market share."

Steps To Take For Managing Social Media Platforms

  1. Define your audience down to the way they shop online. That includes the way they form relationships with the businesses they prefer. Use tools on the web where you can drill down into much of that information. Facebook has a great audience definition component and is available for free when you develop an ad.
  2. Discover where that audience lurks. Are they primarily on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr to name just a few.
  3. Work the best Social Media platform for your audience. Build relationships, offer free advice, make comments, help others solve simple problems, be available, be online, be responsive. Only then will people begin to trust you and consider doing business with you.
  4. Be subtle about selling but be firm about how much you will give for free. People do not want to be pushed into buying, they want to make up their own mind. You need to gear your message in a direction that nudges them in your direction. Be the go-to person for what you have to offer.
  5. Learn to sell yourself before you sell products and services. A rule of thumb for any Social Media platform is to post and comment 9 times for every item you post as a sales message.

Your goal is to have the audience love what you have to offer, whether it is free or paid.

Early Adopters Should Think

Each time you encounter a new Social Media platform, take the time to analyze the audience it serves. Do not just jump into the foray, look to see if you can gain credibility with it and then dive in.

Social Media will always eat time every day. Manage that time and you will have an opportunity to build your business through new relationships.

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