My wife and I went to a very upscale restaurant in Sunnyvale to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

My wife didn't notice but I did. Tim Cook and Marissa Mayer were sitting just two tables from us, laughing, sharing a drink and talking rather loudly. At the table next to them was a gaggle of Armani suits and women dressed very business non-casual. I saw more briefcases than menus.

Tim and Marissa chatted.

"So, it's agreed then!"

"Yup. A deal's a deal. I want to spend more time with my kid anyway."

"We don't want people thinking Apple is diversifying too much. Hardware is our thing. But if we let the iPad Pro division make the purchase, maybe we can escape the criticism somewhat."

"Doesn't matter to me.

I'll take my $340 million buyout package and buy my daughter a university. That way I know higher Ed will still be around when she's old enough to attend."

"$340 million. You'll make more in one swipe of a pen than any baseball player makes in 6000 at bats or 30,000 pitches."


"Yeah, we just made a deal with MLB to use the iPad Pro in the dugpens and bullouts."

"You mean, bullpens and dugouts, right?"

"Yeah, right. What do I care what they are call? More than 70,000,000 people at stadiums and 10x that many on television are going to see the ballplayers using our iPad Pro. And MLB thinks we gave them something. How stupid. Gosh. I hope nobody is listening. We plan to use the money we will make from this deal to buy Yahoo!.

$40 billion in cash is nothing. We have that much in our petty cash drawer. We'll make that much giving tours of our new spaceship workplace in Cupertino over 10 years or so."

Getting Lawyers and PR Involved

At this point, both MM and TC turned right and told the lawyers to draw up the papers. Then turned left and told their respective PR arms to draw up the announcement.

I turned off my recording, finished my New York style cheesecake and told my wife I needed to get home and write this up.

I contacted HQ here at BN to let them know of the SCOOP I just got. But when we listened to the recording on my wife's iPhone 4/1 the voices were muffled and the dialog unclear.

Still, it's worth letting everyone know what I heard and you can decide whether I am a credible source or not.

Watch for the announcement to be made anytime now ... or not. 8-)

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