California wants to have the nation's first bullet train. The train will go from San Jose (yes, we know the way) to Los Angeles. The purpose of the train will be to cut down on emissions from the 10s of thousands of cars that go up and down the 1-5 daily. We can save some trees.

But, there is a tree hugger group that is AGAINST the development of the high-speed rail line because the builders would have to take out some trees to put up the tracks. The environmentalists fight one another.

We are used to like-minded people fighting with each other here in California.

Fight Number 1 - Google v NCJPA

Google wants to roll out Google Fiber in 5 Silicon Valley cities:

  • Palo Alto
  • Santa Clara
  • San Jose
  • Mountain View
  • Sunnyvale

Northern California Joint Pole Association doesn't want to play along with Google. Google is refused membership which includes AT&T and Comcast. "No! So far to Google's desire to serve ultra-high speed Internet.

Fight Number 2 - Yahoo! v Proxies

Yahoo! is in a fight, too. Yahoo! is fighting for survival.

Yahoo! is faced with the prospects of laying off and selling off its core assets.

Yahoo! is laying off 15% of its workforce. My neighbor, 1.5 miles to the north is also exploring alternatives including unloading its technology patents and raising $1-3 billion.

It could sell off its interest in Alibaba. But not yet. The Starboard Value hedge fund is threatening a proxy fight. If ex-Googler, Marissa Mayer can't turn the company around, then the hedge fund wants a say in what is going to happen.

Fight Number 3 - Uber v Gig Economy Workers

Federal laws and state and federal antitrust laws are at odds.

Federal laws cover employees, yet state and federal antitrust laws are in place to prevent 1099 contractors from organizing.

I think this is why we have lawyers. Attorneys are in place to tell us when and why we should be confused.

Uber drivers and Task Rabbit errand runners, and let's not forget the meal cookers and deliverers might want to gang up and get benefits from the companies that have put into place the mechanism that allows them to get work.

I may be wrong, but as long as there is California there will always be groups on both sides of an idea. Wasn't it Marx who said we need people on both sides to instigate conflict and search out resolution. And in that way we could find progress?

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