Question: What do social networks - Twitter and LinkedIn, your niche tribe - physical Meetups, your online forum, and your web site all have in common?

Answer:  They are great tools for the influencer and influencer wannabe. There's also an implementable strategy, that if employed correctly and faithfully, will grow each of them legitimately and with engaging results = real people.

Twitter = Engagement

In July of last year (2015) my Twitter following was about 11,400.

By December of 2015 it was 55.2K. Those followers come and join my community as well. If I were you, I'd want to know how and grow your Twitter following.

LinkedIn = Findability

A couple of days ago, I was booked by a representative of the French government to conduct workshops for their visiting executives this year. Last year I traveled to Shanghai 3 times to conduct corporate training for the likes of BMW, Ford, Nestle' and Texas Instrument. Minding my own business, in each of these cases someone reached out to me after finding me on LinkedIn.

 If I were you, I'd want to know how and grow a robust following on LinkedIn

Build a Tribe = Connections

As of this writing (Feb 14) the number of members in my Meetup network has reached 18,607 members. Indeed there is some doubling up  - the same person belongs to more than 1 group. But, if I estimated that 60% are unique, that's still nearly 12,000 real people have signed up to know when and where I will be speaking.

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This number is growing by 25 people per day! No kidding. If I were you, I'd create a Meetup group and want to know how to get people to sign up and show up.  

Online Community = Fans

In May of 2014 I launched a forum for content marketers. Not your most exciting topic unless you are me. There are 1400+ members in that forum now. Some have gone to work for me. Some have referred work to me. I have passed work on to them.

Others want to pay me to access the forum. Others want to pay me to learn how to build their own community. If I were you, I'd build an online forum or group and want to know how to get people to sign up and participate.  

Strategy that Works = Repeatable 

The strategy I implement in the arenas mentioned above I learned from being a professional blogger. If I were you I'd start blogging and learning and applying those lessons.

In time you will be the influencer that people are looking for.

Don't be on the lookout for influencers. Be the person people are wanting to find. Oh, and be findable, too!

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