In a previous article, I went through a few of the most popular platforms for social media. The list of social media platforms is immense and it is unlikely you will be able to master them all. Anyone that tries to be every where is diluting their ability to be effective!

Where do you want to begin? I would suggest a start with Facebook. Here is why:

With Facebook, you will find that most of your customers are likely using it on a daily basis to find places to buy goods, to look at specials and other offerings.

Many solopreneurs have their own personal profile (for personal items) and a separate fan page for their business. This way you can keep your personal life private and use the fan page to interact with your existing and potential customers.

Facebook is the opportunity to open your doors and giving free information, advice, or announce specials. Facebook also provides you with a way to advertise to a very narrow niche in a very specific georgraphic, demographic, and psychographic.

What does this all mean? It means you can fine tune to your exact ideal customer characteristics. If your customer lives in Fremont, is female between 40 and 64, has an interest in a specific cuisine, and like a particular magazine then you can zero in on that person (or several persons) to deliver your message without spending a lot of money in the process.

The difficult part is the creation of the “post” that can be boosted.

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Here is where you will need to spend time and perhaps money if you decide to hire someone to create the ideal post.

Some things to consider are:

  1. The headline or title of your post. It needs to draw in your target audience to the point where they are willing to click on a link to Like your page or be driven to your website.
  2. The body should be fairly short and to the point. Still using copywriting techniques to garner further interest is key to the success of the post.
  3. A call to action. What do you want your audience to do? Do you want them to go to your website and sign up for specials? Do you want them to join your mailing list? Do you simply want them to Like you page? The call to action is absolutely crucial! Without it, you are wasting your Facebook Ad dollars.

Most solopreneurs are attempting to take advantage of having more than one platform.

Politicians and public figures are also aware that you need to have more than one venue to get to the voter and audience. Look at the current front runners in the election process today. All use multiple social media platforms (or at least their campaign managers do).

Be the master of one to three platforms, then have your staff take care of the rest.

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