I often get invited to give seminars.

Get asked to speak:

  • On cruise ships! - I'll be traveling again - this time from San Francisco to the Mexican Riviera. Tough gig but somebody has to do it.
  • To corporate marketing heads in Shanghai - BMW, Ford, Nestle', Danone, TI. I can namedrop with the best of them
  • Co-working spaces in Silicon Valley - Minutes from Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and the like. I spoke by invitation at Google HQ not long ago.
  • Authors Groups - From NYC to San Miguel, MX to Singapore
  • By the French Government - they have incubators in Boston and San Francisco

Preparing for these gigs I do a lot of research.

I am keen to know who is doing what. I also do a lot of my own research - teaching at an MBA program in the Valley and writing up case studies based on results from my clients and students.

Marketers Love Numbers

I came upon a fascinating number (Hey! I like numbers. What can I say?) last year.

In the West just 1% of all content online is original. Ninety nine percent of content online is a regurgitation in some form of the original 1%!

Stuff gets rewritten, re-purposed, restated, rehashedand other words that start with re-. Ninety percent of all internet activity is passive. That is 90 out of 100 people who come online, passively consume what the other 10% creates.

This morning I came upon another statistic that gave me significant pause.

Influencers Have Impact on the Web

Just 3% of people create 90% of the impact on the Web. That number is staggering to me.

Any marketing department of a company bent on disrupting their industry who doesn't have written on the wall of their main meeting room, "Be the 3%" doesn't have a clear enough target or isn't aiming very high.

Secret Sauce to be an Influence Marketer

The secret sauce to being in the top 3%:

  • Be original
  • Add something new.
  • Give people/readers something they never heard of.
  • Don't quote.
  • Be quotable.

People quoting you is an indication that you are heading toward or maybe have already found your position in the top 3%

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