Kari started her spa business because she was bored in her bank job and she loved going to the spa. Since there was no spa in her neighbourhood, she thought this would be a good place for the business, and besides, it was close to home. She could get her staff to look after her clients so she could pick up her kids after school, something she hadn’t been able to do as a bank employee.

She went through the steps required to open the doors of her business.

She rented space, bought equipment, decorated and furnished the reception area, hired a couple of estheticians, and opened her doors. Kari did a lot of things right.

What she did wrong was, she had no vision for the future of her business. She hadn’t looked down the road ten years, five years, or even two years. He goal had been to open her own spa and hopefully make enough money to replace her bank salary.

That’s a far as it went.

There is an old book, called the Bible, that says that without a vision people perish. The same thing happens with a business.

If the owner or owners have no vision for the business, what will they do when the market changes, when new trends come along, or when the economy takes a nose-dive?

If there is no long-range contingency plan and the owner believes that everything will simply keep ticking along as it always has, there is a pretty good chance that the business will perish when something changes.

What could Kari have done differently?

She could have sat down before she even left her previous job and mapped out what to do in case of a variety of possible problems and challenges. She could also have decided what was important to her life and make her business plans suit that vision.

Would she want to open additional locations? What about franchising her business in the future? With none of these thoughts in mind, she would soon find herself having to make major decisions on the fly, or when crisis hit.

Rather than assuming that everything would be rosy and that her desires for the business would never change, she could have asked herself what she might like to do when her children reached their teen-age years, or if she got bored and wanted to quit

How do you develop your vision?

  • Look ahead at what kind of life you want to life in two years, five years, ten, and twenty.
  • Rehearse your possible choices in your mind. What does it feel like when you imagine yourself in each choice?
  • Make a long range plan for your life and your business. It doesn’t have to written in stone but you don’t want to wake up a year or two from now and find out that that things didn’t turn out like you wanted and your business is perishing.

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