Everyone has a book inside them! The late Dan Poynter helped people get their books into printed format or eformat for years. I now see that Jack Canfield is pushing people to write that book. Other famous authors are turning to the author market in order to encourage people to express themselves creatively. I am with them all the way to a point.

I recently spoke with an author that said, "I had been writing for a long time before I realized that I was not treating my writing as a business and the words I put down as a career.

When I changed my mind set, all of a sudden (with some work), I was able to hit a stream of income."

Writers are of two sorts. First is the writer that wishes someone would read their book and give them a cushy publishing contract. This type of writer wants to be spoon fed, but will not lift a finger or two to work on the pieces that will get their book in front of the right pair of eyes.

The second type of writer is one that knows being an author is a career choice and that there is money to be made.

This type of writer is in it to make a living (and a good one), is willing to learn everything about marketing and promoting, and will develop process to use with each novel or non-fiction book that is published.

Which type of writer are you? For me, at first, it was for the love of writing. Now it is about the money. I still want to write based on my expertise, my opinions, and my way of doing things but I do know that I can use those ideas for a profit.

It has been said that there is no money in writing a book, however, there is money in writing several of them. Before anything sells, your writing needs to go through a series of steps to make it a marketable product. A few items come to mind: editing, editing, and editing along with professionally designed covers and the right title.

Next is the promotion component. Developing an audience before the book is published.

In my world of non-fiction, I offer my expertise to forums, groups, twitter followers, Facebook fan pages, and even Pinterest. I spend the time developing the audience before I even dare ask for the sale.

Where do you stand with your writing career? Are you i it for fun or are you in it to make money?

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