The Office was a comic masterpiece. It simply was. That is a fact.

The premise was actually “what if you had the worst boss in the world?” but many Americans can attest that Michael is far from the worst in the country.

1 – “A good manager does not fire people, he motivates them”

Can you think about a greater truth?

After telling an employee to pack his things up, Michael reveals that he intends to make him work closer to his girlfriend. Might seem counterproductive out of context, but the lesson is a good one.

The head of the operation is actually responsible for the team’s success or downfall. If we have a good leader in place, he’ll take the team anywhere he so chooses. But a bad leader will not find his subordinate’s strengths to put them where they truly belong. He’ll just select anyone to any job and expects them to deliver unreasonable results.

It’s like Musashi says in the Book of Five Rings: good commanders know how to position their troops. In doing so, even the least capable will have a job that is easy to him, so he’ll excel.

2 - "In the end, life and business are about human connections"

After a long journey to convince employees (and his boss) that technology was a bad thing, and also having a car accident caused by misunderstanding his GPS information, Michael comes to the best conclusion he could: business is not about fancy gear or awesome websites. It’s about the people involved.

It’s that simple. The more people you touch with your work, the greater your business will be.

This means you need to create meaningful relationships with your customers, instead of just push them stuff they don’t need.

Even if your services are not needed, the way you present it to the customer can change everything. Serve an experience instead of a product. That way you’ll always be successful.

3 – “Do I want to be feared or loved? That’s a good question. I want both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me!”

A sound plan! We actually know that nobody has a purely logical mind. So, we need to use the employees’ emotions to motivate them. And if you hope to be successful at that, you need to be likeable.

Working for someone you dislike is actually a huge turn off to the general worker. He’ll actually sabotage the project all the time, even if unconsciously.

So, in order to be a good manager, you’ll actually need to be likeable. You don’t need to be anyone’s best friend. But if they resent you, they’ll try to ready your downfall.

Be warned.

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