La Cámara Automotriz de Venezuela (Automotive Chamber of Venezuela, Cavenez) announced that in the first seven months of this year 12,922 cars were assembled in the country. The figure exceeds 2014 by 7,037 units, but well below the 100,000 units that should be occurring during that period.

Although there seems to be a rebound in the auto industry,this is only a mirage because there were many stoppages in 2013 by street protests, popularly called "guarimbas."From February toMay 2014, many Venezuelans couldn't even go to school or to work because main streets were closed using garbage and old tires on fire.

When you know the current number of cars assembled in Venezuela, you might say that the seven companies in this category are producing less than 15% of their capacity. It is said that the auto industry in Venezuela is assembling as many cars than they did in the 60's.

Many automotive executives say restrictions on the allocation of foreign currency (dollars) prevent the purchase of equipment to assembly. The Venezuelan goverment controls exchange business since 2003 and now a dollar is valued at almost 200 bolivars, but it is very difficult to buy so you have to go to the black market where it costs 675 bolivars.

Cavenez estimates that Venezuela should manufacturebetween 200,000 and 250,000 cars each year, and it is currently producing less than 2,000 cars per month.

If somebody needs to buy car maybe he has to wait more than a year to get one and obviously this situation prompted corruption in the vehicle industry.

The situation poses to get much more difficult for the remainder of 2015. Mitsubishi, Fuso, General Motors and FCA (former Chrysler) gave their employees collective vacations in August, and only inSeptember will they return to their workplaces to see if it there are pieces and parts required to assemble each new vehicle.

In the case of Ford, the company had announced a partnership with the national government to sell their cars not in bolivars but in dollars, but this marketing scheme was suspended. However, Ford company could buy some raw materials and continued assembling cars.

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