Blasting News is a global company, with offices in London, New York, Sao Paulo, Milan, Rome and soon Singapore.  In three years, Blasting News has reached 80+ million unique on-site readers, and continues to grow the numbers of its readers daily.

To help reach these exceptional results and attract the best talent, Blasting News has designed a compensation structure that rewards its writers based on the number of people who read the editorial content posted by each contributor. 

The immediate effect of this policy is that the most talented and those who have the ability of attracting readers are rewarded and have the opportunity to continue increasing their readers’ base – and their earnings – rapidly. 

This compensation structure has helped the Company to become a leader in the global social news publishing arena, and it has helped thousands of writers throughout the world to get a recurring compensation.

Some of the Company contributors in United States have already being able to achieve the satisfying results and are happy to share their experience. Please send an email to the US community management team at in order to get in touch with them.

In order to maintain this structure, Blasting News’ leading position, and to continue its successful attraction of talent, Blasting News has strictly enforced, and will continue to enforce, policies to assure that it minimizes traffic that does not originate with actual users. Blasting News employs technology that enables it to identify, and exclude for compensation purposes, traffic that does not appear to originate with an actual reader. Blasting News makes clear to its writers that it employs this technology, as well as makes clear the importance of maintaining such policies, and adhering to them.

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The policies are reflected in the arrangements for compensation for the writers. 

In the interest of its readers, Blasting News’ talented writers, and Blasting News, we intend to vigorously demand compliance with our policies and to take the necessary steps to enforce these policies.