Do you consider yourself a social media infuencer? Do you or your agency have an extensive fan base or large number of followers? Then this is your chance to share smarter, broader content with your digital friends and make money in the process.

London, 19th May 2016 - New digital information models are not only born in the USA. This time, the breakthrough doesn't come from Facebook, Twitter or the energizing Washington Post captained by the revolutionary Jeff Bezos. The new social revolution has just been launched by Blasting News - the main global social journalism platform with offices in New York and Sao Paolo, but with the headquarter based in the old continent, straight in the heart of London.

Today, Blasting News has announced the new Social Blaster program: a project designed to bring together the best journalists and content creators from around the world with digital and social influencers most capable of creating buzz and virality around great content. At a glance, the Social Blaster will have the opportunity to choose the best content published on Blasting News (among 15,000 original news pieces published each month in 34 countries, 25 languages, on over 500 different topics), share it on social networks and earn money out of it.

The goal is to revolutionize the way content travels around the web leveraging on Blasting News' proprietary technology, keeping a total focus on engagement and in-target readers, and sharing generated profits among all the parties involved: the Social Blaster will get a compensation for their sharing activities, and the authors of the chosen articles will retain a substantial copyright fee. "This is a proper win-win model" - explained Blasting News' CEO, Andrea Manfredi, during the press conference in London where he announced the new feature.

"It's fundamental in the world of journalism, to not only have quality content, but a high level of engagement from readers. Traditional publishers are still distributing the same of content to a wide range of diverse people, however, today there are so many technologies that allow this process to be improved. With this revolution, we wanted to introduce greater quality and meritocracy, combining it with a new opportunity for higher returns both for journalists, content creators and social media stars.

Thanks to this new program, Blasting News will set up the first global community of digital influencers 2.0, valuing people who over the course of time, have built a large following. "Thanks to the new community, Blasting News will be even more powerful in sharing stories to the most engaged audiences. Institutions and brands will love it. We announced the beta version of this project a few weeks ago and we are already seeing interest from brands who share their best native content to the most in-target audiences. This community will introduce the possibility of a new, powerful way of trustworthy advertising".

To prevent the inappropriateusage of the platform, this new program will be limited to individuals who are passionate and skilled in the field of social media and to established web agencies. Each candidate will have to apply to the program. Blasting News will then review each application to evaluate if the candidate has the right set of competences. "This is going to be a huge opportunity for many people who own or manage large Facebook accounts, fan pages or Facebook groups. But it will have serious limitations: we love sharing, we hate spamming. Our request is to comply with very strict anti-spam policies.

Whoever breaks the rules, will be banned from our community. Zero tolerance in regards to spamming".

The application to the Social Blaster can be submitted by using this link: Applicants are invited to include as much information as possible about their social media accounts, skills and to upload their most recent résumé.

Blasting News

Launched in mid-2013, Blasting News is now the largest global social news platform - the 303 most viewed visited website in the world according to Alexa ranking, the 6th largest digital publisher in Italy and the 10th largest digital publisher in Brazil according to comScore.

The impressive result has been achieved thanks to the 1,000,000 blasters from 34 countries who publish 15,000 original copies each month in 24 languages and engage a fast-growing audience of 40+ million readers per month. At its very essence, Blasting News is a digital newsmagazine totally fueled and curated by the crowd, without an Editor-in-Chief or central newsroom. Each news piece is produced and fact-checked by delocalized contributors around the world (Junior and Senior Blasters), while all other processes are managed by technology.

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