The latest episode of the ongoing #anime adaptation series of #One Piece has finally aired and it recently kicked off the Whole Cake Island Arc. The members of the Sanji retrieval team have been dispersed into two-man teams all over Whole Cake Island.

Each team had a certain objective but their primary goal is to save Sanji Vinsmoke and stop his wedding to Big Mom’s daughter, Charlotte Pudding. The new episode continues the fight between Monkey D. Luffy and the Sweet Commander, Charlotte Cracker while the Vinsmokes finally reunite for Sanji’s upcoming arranged marriage.

Luffy vs. Cracker

The previous episode of the said anime series revealed Cracker’s true identity and cornered Luffy with his unlimited biscuit armors.


In the recent episode, Luffy ups his game as he powers up his Gear Fourth Technique (Gomu Gomu no Mi), enabling him to defeat countless biscuit armors easily.

However, there’s no stopping Cracker as he keeps on making new biscuit armors by just clapping his hands and Luffy is evidently near his limit. While Luffy and Cracker are mercilessly going at it, Nami is still threatening the Seducing Woods with Lola’s Vivre Card.

She knew Luffy was up against a powerful opponent, so she had no choice but to force the entities of the Seducing Woods to help Luffy defeat Cracker. However, the Seducing Woods, even King Baum, admit that the two’s fight was too intimidating that they couldn’t dare approach any closer but Nami left them with no choice when she gave them the ultimatum, emphasizing that she doesn’t care if they had to sacrifice their life just to help Luffy.


The Vinsmokes’ reunion

In the previous episode, Sanji was dreading the idea of having to meet his older brothers again. In “One Piece” episode 800, the entire Vinsmoke family finally reunited when Ichiji and Niji came back from their assignment.

Sanji hasn’t seen the two since he ran away from home but he didn’t have any fond memories of them either. Ichiji and Niji always bullied Sanji but the younger Vinsmoke has proved his family that he is now a changed man.

During their family dinner, Niji had a fit over his main course and called out the head chef named Cosette to reprimand and humiliate her in front of their leader. In order to appease his anger, he decided to throw his plate at the chef but Sanji caught the plate just in time to save her from getting hit. Sanji made a statement after finally standing up to his brother.

#One Piece episode 800