I've said it before and I'll say it again: betting odds aren't necessarily a reflection of reality when it comes to gauging a chance of something happening. However, I do like them because they still provide some insight into what people are thinking. Betting odds can reflect a subjective opinion of a sportsbook's oddsmakers or they can reflect betting trends from Joe Public. Either way, they are food for thought even in matters involving #Politics.

Wth #Donald Trump winning the election in early November, many are lamenting the four years ahead. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a major critic of Donald Trump's.

She has lambasted the president-elect's choice for cabinet posts with strong speeches that have served to increase her recognition as a political figure in the United States. In one memorable speech that Warren gave in mid-November she also depicted Trump's numerous hypocrisies as she sees Trump as being aligned with special-interest groups, the exact kind of government he campaigned against with his "Drain the Swamp" campaigning.

Elizabeth Warren increasing in fame

Warren (who has a more recent interview in another article I wrote) has actually emerged as the betting favorite to win the next presidency. It's fair to say that a lot can happen over the next four years, however she has made a name for herself as a strong critic of Trump's. For instance the video above has been viewed over 16,000,000 times.

That's an astonishing number and it suggests that she has a chance to further her political career upon a base of support. The presidency in the future is my no means out of the question in my view, making her a candidate to become the first American female president.

Betting odds on Warren 2020

Betway is the sportsbook that make Warren the favorite for the 2020 presidency. They price her at 5 to 2 against a large field of other politicians at this point. Tim Kaine is the 2nd favorite at 9 to 2 while other potential presidents have longer odds than that with their sports firm. Variance between sportsbooks definitely exists. For example, bet365 make Warren 14 to 1 for the 2020 presidency.

The Senator certainly has not backed away from tackling the president-elect's actions and, in my opinion, she is refreshing compared to Hillary Clinton. The loser of last month's election focused largely on non-issues, but instead focused on Trump's character, on Trump's allegations of sexual misconduct, and on perceived affiliations with Russia. Those are issues that voters care about, however Warren has spent a lot of time focusing on Trump's political appointments, his perceived allegiances to white supremacists, and his own brand of special-interest groups. There's a difference focus employed with Elizabeth Warren and it might make politics about politics once again. #ElizabethWarren