#Donald Trump became the 45th President Elect of the United States of America yesterday, crushing Hillary Clinton on her own turf. Trump (the first President Elect to have no military service or elected office on his resume) made history much like President Obama did when he became the first black American to be elected eight years ago. Trump and Obama have a lot more in common than people recognize, besides both cruising to victory over Hillary Clinton.

Both Trump and Obama represent groups of Americans that have been abused too long. The working class of Americans have been stuck in a vice for almost two decades. The political establishment has long catered to the big money special interest groups, leaving the working class scattered like road kill on the highway to happiness.


Working Class voters led the way

Working class voters showed yesterday that enough is enough as they turned to Trump to lead the country the next four years. Much like the left bought into the hope and change promises of a relatively unknown first term Senator from Illinois that brought Barack Obama to the center of the world stage eight years ago.

The similarities between the movements behind both candidates were eerily similar, just as the results were history-making. Both Trump and Obama by their own words loathe Hillary Clinton. Both defeated Clinton and the Clinton machine when almost everyone gave neither of them much hope for winning, and they both did so convincingly.


Two different visions for America

Both Trump and Obama have grand visions of where America should go. Those visions do however take different roads when the road splits, with Trump leading us back down the path of greatness. Obama’s path took us down the road of government dependence, huge deficits, division, and lawlessness. Trump does have a monumental task reuniting a country after eight years of blaming past administrations for failed policies of a do nothing Administration coupled with a do nothing Congress.

President Obama should if he really is concerned about his legacy do everything he can to put President Trump in a position to be successful. The nation needs healing, we are divided, but we are not broken. Democracy does work, and the world witnessed that yesterday. Donald Trump was elected President just like Obama was eight short years ago, surprisingly to some, but more importantly the right person at the right time for the United States. #Election 2016