The third and final presidential debate between #Hillary Clinton and #Donald Trump will begin on Wednesday night at 9:00 PM ET. Many will tune in to see this bitter rivals spar in front of all America one last time. Many will also choose to skip the debate for other programming or a relaxing night, already knowing their vote for the future leader of the free world is already decided.

Circus atmosphere muddies campaign.

By this point in the election cycle, most of the electorate has already tired of the circus-like atmosphere that has turned this campaign into a punchline since the start of the primary season. Recently, WikiLeaks has been releasing a bevy of emails related to Clinton and her campaign, as well as the speeches she famously gave to Wall Street banks, speeches her democratic foe Bernie Sanders desperately wanted her to release the transcripts to during the primaries.


In the meantime, Trump has continued to face backlash since the release of a leaked audio clip from a decade ago where he described sexually-predatory desires to "Today" host Billy Bush, who has since lost his job. Women are coming out of the woodwork to accuse Trump of sexual assault, charges he's denied by calling his accusers ugly, unattractive, and liars. In many ways, what Trump is facing is similar to the firestorm that began to surround Bill Cosby a few years ago when people began to accuse the actor of being a serial sexual predator.

What tonight's debate lacks.

While viewers can expect to see the same sniping and lack of policy discussion as the other two debates, many have grown wistful that third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein haven't been given an opportunity to participate in the proceedings.


Johnson has grown to be a popular candidate, but has two major public gaffes on his record - he didn't know what Aleppo was (a city at the heart of the Syrian Civil War) and failed to name a single foreign leader he admired. Meanwhile Stein has views that could be considered anti-vaccine and has other opinions not fitting into the mainstream culture of America.

If you choose, you can watch tonight's debate on any major television channel beginning at 9 PM ET. #2016 Presidential Debates