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'Hello Neighbor': Is YouTube the best alternative to Kickstarter crowdfunding?

Consider the case of Dynamic Pixels, a small-time game developer based in Russia.
Kickstarter have funded a lot of successful games. Independent and home-brew developers look to it for help when they have ideas. If the ideas are brilliant enough, it's not hard to obtain successful...
22 August 2017 -
J. Leuven

Video: Jake Paul under fire for racist remarks towards fan, internet reacts

The social media personality is once again viral for his controversial remarks against a foreigner fan.
Jake Paul has once again fired up the internet not because of his pranks, but because of his racist comments toward a fan. In his latest video posted Tuesday, the 20-year-old social media personality...
3 August 2017 -
D. T.

YouTube has a brand new most-watched video

In its short time up on the site, 'Despacito' has become passed ever other video
Despite only having been out for about eight months, the hit song “Despacito” has already broken records and made history. Now the worldwide sensation by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has hit yet...
5 August 2017 -
G. Sousa
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  • UCF player loses scholarship over YouTube

    The NCAA rules have caused the school to rule that Donald De La Haye is ineligible
    Back in the middle of June, University of Central Florida (UCF) backup kicker Donald De La Haye posted a video on his 'Deestroying' YouTube channel titled “Quit College Sports or Quit YouTube.” In...
    3 August 2017
    G. Sousa
  • YouTube star Colleen Balinger posts video about coming out

    The star sits down with her friend Kory DeSoto to talk about the night he came out to her
    YouTuber star Colleen Ballinger recently posted a video to her YouTube channel in which she and her best friend Kory DeSoto talked about the night that Kory finally came out to Colleen. Kory and...
    12 August 2017
    L. O. C. Desmond
  • Facebook revamps video tab into the 'Watch' platform

    New media platform to offer slew of original programming and even sports broadcasts.
    Facebook, the definitive social media network, has been making some serious inroads into the development of original programming this year. It has been trying to crib YouTube’s style lately by...
    9 August 2017
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