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'Injustice 2 Gods Among Us' Beta is now live!

Codebreak will be playing the beta and if you want to get pro you should too
As a short introduction, I am Andrew Turelli. I have been a hardcore gamer for a long time and love to write for the Blasting News website. This article will inform the reader of the Injustice 2 game...
19 January 2017 -
A. Turelli

Why the Nintendo Switch presentation disappointed me

Overpriced hardware and a lack of third party support made the Switch presentation underwhelming.
The long awaited Switch presentation took place on January 12 and was hosted by Nintendo in Tokyo. The eagerly anticipated event however received a mixed reception from fans and the press. Most of the...
18 January 2017 -

'Little Nightmares' release date announced

Former collaborators with 'Little Big Planet' developer present a much darker tale
Tarsier Studios is an indie development team known for their contributions to the 'Little Big Planet' franchise. Their other work consists of titles such as 'Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic' and...
18 January 2017 -
P. Arellano
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  • Barret Wallace of 'Final Fantasy VII.'

    A quick look at one of the first popular African-American video game characters.
    The techno freak, Barret: Barret was called a techno freak in "Final Fantasy VII" by one of his known acquaintances, as he finally returned to his ruined mining town. North Corel had been destroyed by...
    15 January 2017
    A. Turelli
  • 'Final Fantasy 6' Locke Cole character analysis number one.

    Stamina and in-depth look on the adventure character and treasure hunter of FF6
    Locke Cole the thief information: According to some really good websites and players around the web, Locke Cole is one of the best characters in the game. I think he is pretty developed in combat from...
    7 January 2017
    A. Turelli
  • Xbox One exclusive 'Scalebound’s' cancelation is the worst way to wake up today

    Exclusives still matter; Is Microsoft losing the console war in new ways?
    Gamers have been hit with some early year bad news; "Scalebound" has been canceled. For those of you who don’t know or remember, "Scalebound" was to be an exclusive action RPG for the Xbox One. In...
    10 January 2017
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