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'My 600-lb Life' Cynthia Wells blames diet, weight loss fail, gastric bypass cost on doc

614-lb mom of 5 chews out bariatric surgeon for weight gain, overeating, obesity: faults 'bulls--t' therapy, failing to get correct treatment.
610-lb Cynthia Wells had a lot of blame to dispense after weight loss fails on Season 5 of "My 600-lb Life." Most of it was aimed at Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. The single mom of 5 faulted the bariatric...
19 January 2017 -
M. Sachteleben

'My 600-lb Life' Amber Rachdi debuts dazzling 420-lb weight loss, kicks obesity butt at 26

True grit, gumption and gastric bypass surgery lose 2/3 of 660-lb Amber Rachdi in Season 3 of 'My 600-lb Life.'
Amber Rachdi was different from most other morbidly obese patients on "My 600-lb Life" and folks saw that right away. She was young, beautifully made up, and brutally honest with no self-delusions....
17 January 2017 -
M. Sachteleben

'My 600-lb Life' Ashley Reyes weight loss shows odd, crucial link to obesity, sexual abuse

Ashley Reyes on 'My 600-lb Life': gastric bypass surgery, 255-lb weight loss leaves terrible pain, with haunting but helpful roots.
Ashley Reyes is an atypical patient on "My 600-lb Life" in many ways. It's not the morbid obesity: at 668 pounds, Ashley is on par with other reality TV show patients. It's her bizarre pain after...
16 January 2017 -
M. Sachteleben
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