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Blac Chyna boasts 23-lb weight loss, post-baby Dream body after big pregnancy weight gain

'Rob & Chyna' star put on over 80 pounds with Dream: Kardashian baby mama flaunts big body love, weight loss.
Motherhood agrees with Blac Chyna by the look of things. After putting on over 80 pounds in pregnancy with baby Dream Kardashian, the reality TV star boasted a 23-lb post-baby weight loss. Rob...
6 December 2016 -
M. Sachteleben

Larry the Cable Guy weighs in on Trump, shows heavier 'Cars 3' Tow Mater after weight loss

Donald Trump heavyweight Larry the Cable Guy debuts weight gain after losing 50 pounds: Towmater towing more junk in the trunk at 'Cars' reboot?
Larry the Cable Guy weighed in on Donald Trump and showed off a a hefty frame as well. The comedian had strong words for critics of the Republican President-elect. But he's got other big problems....
5 December 2016 -
M. Sachteleben

Intermittent fasting: a new way to stay fit and healthy

Intermittent fasting is an eating habit that can help you to lose weight and have a better overall health.
Intermittent fasting is the decrease in food intake over a certain period of time. Many variations exist and it can be adapted to each person regarding their lifestyle. Some people only reduce the...
7 December 2016 -
E. Schroeder
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