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Uber in fresh trouble as company faces foreign bribery probe

The San Francisco based company is facing a federal probe for having allegedly broken US overseas bribery laws
Taxi-hailing startup Uber is in trouble as the company finds itself in the crosshairs of a federal probe for allegedly breaking overseas US privacy laws. The company has been through several...
21 September 2017 -
V. Cross

London's black cab drivers rejoice over Uber's ejection

Traditional taxi drivers in UK's capital feel they got their roads back.
London's black cab drivers are happy about the city's transport regulators' decision not to renew Uber's license to operate in the UK's capital. "I am over the moon. We're getting our roads back,"...
23 September 2017 -
M. Zapata

Uber to be banned in Greater London

The ride-sharing service’s customers and drivers have expressed outrage.
Transport for London, the local governing authority that oversees the transportation infrastructure in the Greater London Area, has decided not to renew Uber’s license in its jurisdiction. TFL cites...
22 September 2017 -
M. Whittington
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  • Uber's CEO flies down to London for emergency meeting for latest troubles

    Dara Khosrowshahi will meet with transport regulators in London to save the company's operations.
    It has been an eminently forgettable year for taxi-hailing giant Uber, and one of the most damaging developments has been the loss of its private-hire license in London, United Kingdom. Last month,...
    3 October 2017
    V. Cross
  • London's regulators revoke Uber's private hire license

    Starting October, the cab service will not operate in one of its largest markets.
    Taxi-hailing giant Uber has suffered a major blow in its quest for world domination after it was booted out of one of its most important overseas markets today. The local regulators of London, United...
    22 September 2017
    V. Cross
  • No more Uber rides for Londoners as city denies license

    The City of London’s transport officials say Uber is not ‘fit and proper’ to hold a private hire operator license, leading to an appeal.
    Uber has caused controversy in many cities in the world, with many, including especially taxi drivers, denouncing the service. However, London has taken things one step further. Transport for London...
    22 September 2017
    A. Sewell
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