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USA travel off the agenda for now making western Canada the pick

A combination of a safe political climate and weak Canadian dollar should make Canada a tourist's choice
America keeps taking the hits as footage of the anti-Donald Trump protests are aired world wide. Turkey has issued a travel warning for its citizens planning to go to the USA, citing the protests as a...
13 November 2016 -
S. K. Lambert

EmDrive makes longterm space travel possible

Latest rocket drive makes longer travel missions in space both more practical, and faster.
Since the dawn of mankind, the night sky has fascinated us. We love to look at the stars, watch astronomical phenomena, and even indulge in science fiction fantasies about space travel. During the...
18 November 2016 -
D. Defazio

The Whale Crier calls you to Hermanus in South Africa [Video]

Nestled in Walker Bay on the Overberg Whale Route in the Western Cape of South Africa, Hermanus is a gem of a town.
Hermanus is well worth a visit for many reasons, but the main attraction is the town’s spectacular whale watching. The town claims to be the best location for land-based whale watching in the world....
13 November 2016 -
A. Sewell
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  • Deadly plane crash history involving sports teams

    This year marks yet another tragic period in time for the world of sports.
    As the world still mourns the deaths of at least 71 people who perished in a horrific plane crash on the outskirts of Medellin in Colombia, the tragedy reminds some of past air disasters. The...
    30 November 2016
    S. Oliver
  • The top five countries where you can escape American politics

    If you are privileged enough to be able to afford a short term vacation in the wake of the U.S election, here are some suggestions.
    It seems that Barrack was right as usual, and the sun did shine the morning of 9th November. The world is still here, and yes you can put down your handheld devices and TV remotes because no matter...
    13 November 2016
    L. Steers
  • Uber and the city of Houston reach an agreement on background checks

    The popular ridesharing service will stay in Houston at least through the Super Bowl
    According to the Houston Chronicle, the ridesharing service Uber and the city of Houston have come to an agreement over background checks for drivers. The city agreed that Uber drivers would no longer...
    16 November 2016
    M. Whittington
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